(11) Rare Old Photos

مجلة مدارات ونقوش – العدد 11

 420 عدد المشاهدات

 A car belonging to Sheikh Khalifa son of Zayed the Great, during its arrival in Abu Dhabi in 1936  

A wooden ship begins its journey after cars and people are on board, this picture dates back to the year 1936 and was taken in Abu Dhabi    

People trying to clear the way in front of a stuck car in attempt to make it pass the muddy sump and sand at the entrance to Abu Dhabi in the year 1936.  

A traditional house for one of Dubai’s wealthy people. The house is overlooking the market square where goods and livestock are sold. The picture dates back to the 1950s.    

A scene from Abu Dhabi’s souq in 1962; during that period people started to see new products and commodities  

 A book seller displaying his items to customers in the old souq in Al Ain in 1970.