Oman Coasts Documentary When the media is an expression of malice and ignorance

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Jamal bin Huwaireb

In 1995, the late ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, was dethroned by his ungrateful son, who loved to ruin and destroy the Arab world.

‪He began his sabotage project, facilitating the tasks of the Arabs’ enemies to turn the Arabs into futile nations.

Through media and allying with every spiteful criminal, the ungrateful son found the shortest, easiest and most efficient way to achieve his purposes. He advised his cunning cousin to go to Britain to buy the Arabic-speaking channel of BBC.

Inciting Sedition

Since November 1996, the channel of sedition has been provoking young people to launch crazy revolutions with the intention of overthrowing the Arab regimes

 Since 1996, no states or individuals have been spared from the evils of this ominous channel, nor the Qataris themselves; It brought them misfortunes and made them a pariah state among the Arabs

Al-Jazeera has cunningly worked on producing strange programs that negatively affect Arab youth, bringing them into a sea of frustration from which no one can survive except through change. With the transfer of Azmi Bishara from the Israeli Knesset to Qatar in 2007, these evil plans were completed. Bishara allied with the ungrateful prince and began to establish the idea of the Change Academy with a malicious thought, so Al-Jazeera moved to a new level of malevolence.

A historical map exploited for malicious purposes

Plots Mastermind

Azmi Bishara played a dangerous role in those events during which Arab governments collapsed and many innocent bloods were shed. Although his role was not pivotal in these events, it is certainly that he helped to incite the destructive seditions, as he helped in the destruction of the Arab world and contributed to increasing the number of Arab refugees to more than 10 million.

Bishara and his ungrateful ally continued their plots until they were confronted by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and his brother HH Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When the Oman Coasts documentary was broadcast by the channel of falsehood – Al Jazeera-, I read a tweet by one of the Omani brothers, in which he said about it: ‘The Omani Empire is great and lofty and remains immortal, but we do not need these programs that incite sedition. The Omani-Emirati relations will remain strong and rooted’

The words of this educated Omani represent the reality of most of the noble Omani people. In fact, we are all proud that we all live in the historic region of Oman, we are not ashamed of that, and our region was also called the Bahrain region according to the old administrative regulations.

Civilizations and states have existed in this region for thousands of years.

In the modern era, the Sultanate of Oman, the UAE, the State of Qatar were established, and the Sheikhdom of Bahrain became a kingdom after the 2001 referendum.

Interview with the Crown-then Prince Hamad bin Khalifa on February 16 1995, at the Arabic- speaking channel of BBC,  which he bought a year later

Ignorance of History

By naming its documentary Oman Coasts, Al Jazeera channel despises and diminishes Oman’s stature and its great role during the past centuries. As for its focus on the UAE, it is a severe ignorance of historical facts.

 I loved watching Al Jazeera Documentary channel, and I was attracted by the Oman Coasts program in 2014, which contained beautiful and useful information.  In 2020, Al Jazeera began to produce a new documentary called Oman Coasts as well. When the channel started to broadcast it, I found the documentary dedicated to attack the UAE. Consequently, Oman Coasts has two issuances: A useful scientific one, and a new version produced for a sinister political aim to stoke feelings of hatred and rancour.

Mistakes and Fallacies

The new writer and director of Oman Coasts filled it with errors and fallacies, and I will examine some mistakes in cooperation with Dr. Hamada Hajras

Foreign speakers in the film have little knowledge of the history of the UAE.

The documentary failed to host specialists from subject matter countries, including the UAE and East African countries.

The film did not refer to the division of the Sultanate following the collapse of the Ya’ariba state in 1741 CE, and the transfer of the Imamate to Al Bu Said family, which witnessed a sharp division. Since that date, Oman has witnessed a bloody conflict that ended only with the arrival of Sultan Qaboos to power in 1970 AD, who united Oman and issued a decree to change the name of the state to the Sultanate of Oman.

Although the film is titled Oman coasts, it did not document the history of Oman before the 16th century AD, but rather pointed its poisonous arrows towards the UAE to prove that it belongs to the Sultanate of Oman.