Qasr al-Hosn.. A Glorious Past and a Fascinating Present

مجلة مدارات ونقوش – العدد 9

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Jamal Bin Huwaireb

 Forts, squares and watchtowers had never protected a land, promoted identity or led a global civilization. Dignity – of those with brave cooperative hearts, wise discerning minds and tireless endeavors that maintain their acquisitions and protect their countries by their lives – is the fortress, perfect shield and sharp incisive sword.  

Gratitudeshould be expressed to the great poet of Oman, Nasser bin Salim bin Odayem alRawahi (1875-1920) when he mentioned the Arab tribes in Oman and the neighboring Arab Emirates praising them and dedicating wonderful verses to the tribe of Bani Yas in which he assertseloquentlythat the fortresses and walls are powerless and don’t defend against enemies.

The expectation of Bani Yas wasn’t wrong 

For they are brothers and supporters 

Their children are horseback riders 

Whose milk comes from the blood of heroes 

When thedrumsof war beat harder 

They are ready to fight on land

They are ready to fight on horses 


After describing the courage and intrepidity of Bani Yas, he said: 

These are the strongholds of Bani Yas 

Neither walls nor palaces shall fortify people 



This is the truth that I have known, confirmed by the old poems and the wise men, that the fortresses are worthless if the hearts are broken and the souls are not united. Therefore, this ancient tribe only built a few forts because of its unity, strength and cohesion over the centuries and its history stands as a witness.


Qasr alHosn in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is one of the few forts built by the honorable rulers of Bani Yas in their areas of governanceIt was only a small tower at the inception of its construction, when the families of Bani Yas and others began to move to Abu Dhabi Island. 

When Sheikhs moved to live in Abu Dhabi it became the Seat of Governance after Sheikh Shakhbout, ruler of Abu Dhabi, ordered to convert this tower to his residence and he lived in it about the year 1793. Then the fort was further developed; other towers, buildings and an inner courtyard were added. To protect the fort from any potential aggression, no one was allowed to build near it.

If you see the fort today, you will observe how humongous and sublime it is, and if you turn around its four sides, you will witness the great achievements that charm the eyes and dazzle the minds. It’s certainly a global achievement of our magnificent and splendid capital under the wise leadership of the Al Nahyan Sheikhs, whose history bears witness to their wisdom, generosity, courage and insight over the centuries.


God bless the soul of the late Sheikh Zayed, the founder of the United Arab Emirates, his brother Sheikh Rashid and all the founding rulers. They built for us an invulnerable fort that cannot be destroyed, God willing; they built a great union for our beloved country. God bless and save the UAE, our president and the vice president.