Rare Old Photos from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

مجلة مدارات ونقوش – العدد 12

 822 عدد المشاهدات

Prayers around Kaaba,1307 AH 1889 / AD 


Bab al-Salam at the western side of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, 1321 AH /1903 AD 

Al Safat square in Riyadh crowded with people after Friday prayers. 1355 AH1936/ AD


The opening of Tabuk station , one of the main station of the Hijaz Railway . 1322 AH / 1908 AD



Bait Al-Baghdadi , one of buildings. It has become an office of the American oil concessionaire since 1352AH / 1933 AD


Part of the Median wall that was surrounding it until recently. 1325 AH / 1907 AD


The main square at the center of Ha’il , 1333 AH /  1914 AD