Zayed .. Immortal in Our Hearts

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Jamal bin Huwaireb

I am not talking about legendary men who lived in the past centuries. I am talking about a great man we realized, listened to him, had the honor to sit with him and blessed much with all his achievements and infinite bestowal.


This is our father and immortal leader who united the United Arab Emirates with his brothers the members of the Supreme Council and built its modern civilization; Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, and reward him on our behalf and the whole nation.

A legendary man, unprecedented in the history of humanity in recent times. A man who was loved by people from far and wide, and who was, incredibly, famous for his generosity and sympathy to the weak, and his seamless tenderness that pervaded the near and distant.

He spent money without fearing poverty in a hard time where he only had a little amount of money. Tirelessly, he continued to give trusting that God will support and please him for that he gave happiness to the poor and the needy. So he has struggled and got used to help people since his youth.

When God granted Sheikh Zayed the treasures of the earth; the enormous returns of oil revenues, he sought rapidly to cheer up the emerging emirate of Abu Dhabi in every way. Then he looked at the adjacent emirates, and established with his brother, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed, the largest and bravest union that was surrounded by many risks. Nevertheless, the two men were efficient to overcome them and to continue the journey of development and bestowal.

I once asked His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed – may God preserve him – at the beginning of his work with his father: What are the daily orders of Sheikh Zayed? He said to me: “Give, pay, build, plant, grant, and do everything relating to building, mercy, tenderness and compassion that helps people in their lives and ensures their well-being inside and outside the state.” Then I went out supplicating for Sheikh Zayed. And now that he passed away I always supplicate: O God! have mercy on Sheikh Zayed, expand his entrance, reward him on our behalf and bless his descendants Amen.


So I will convey to you, dears, a little bit about the words of some politicians and travellers about the personality of Sheikh Zayed in his youth. The famous traveller Wilfred Thesiger said when he met Sheikh Zayed in 1946:” He is very sturdy, his countenance discloses intelligence. From the first impression you find that he is a calm person who has the ability and competence. I was very impressed by the meeting with Zayed, whose popularity among the Bedouins has spread for the simplicity of his informal actions and for his cordiality.” The British actor Boystad said: “I was amazed by Zayed’s extraordinary generosity and the great crowds that surround him, as if he were a saint. He speaks nicely and is very munificent, sociable, friendly and cheerful ”.

In Zayed’s memory we shed our tears on his departure, but it is a memory and a symbol of giving, and therefore, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him said, ‘ Zayed continues to inspire us with endless humanitarian works, we have been loved by many of the people of the world because of him, may God have mercy on him. He is a historic leader with a broad humanitarian outlook which won him a special international status’.